Welcome to our world of Teas

For thousands of years, all over the word, tea drinking has been about friendship, hospitality, and sharing moments together. But more importantly it also provides an opportunity to have a maintain a very good state of wellbeing, enjoy a few minutes to yourself and recharge your batteries. So whatever, whoever, and whenever, here at Chikk Green Tea, we believe the answer is pretty much always: a great cup of tea.

Throughout history, drinking tea has been associated with a wide range of benefits from helping relieve stress to boosting the immune system. And here at Chikk Green Tea we offer a wide range of delicious teas to supplement a balanced diet and help make wellbeing a part of your everyday. Let’s raise a cup to feeling good.

Ginger And Garlic Tea.

This is another fine product of CHIKK Ginger and garlic tea is an age long combination of spices which is ...
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Mints Green Tea(UDA& UZIZA)

UDA and UZIZA tea is a fine combination of ancient spices with numerous health benefits. Some of the  these proven ...
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The Health Benefits of Bitter Kola

1. Bitter Kola does not only increase sex drive, it also improves the sexual performance of men who consume it ...
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Aju mbaise

Aju mbaise is a fat burning traditional herb, a combination of 5 different leaves, roots and bark of a medicinal ...
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