Aju mbaise

Aju mbaise is a fat burning traditional herb, a combination of 5 different leaves, roots and bark of a medicinal tree wrapped together.

The herb got it’s name from it producers, a village called Mbaise, in Imo state, Nigeria.

It’s an Orthodox method of trimming down post pregnancy fat by the Mbaise women when cooked with uda, uziza and ehuru. Aju mbaise wasn’t sold in Mbaise those days because almost all the women of child bearing age knew the bush to get it from.

Fresh Aju Mbaise (very effective)

How it got to the Market:

It was introduced to the local Igbo markets when they started inter marrying from other Igbo communities. So, Aju Mbaise started it’s journey of circulation in some Nigerian market as some indigenes even travel abroad with it when they saw the significant results. While the herbs works effectively, the fake ones also filtered into the markets.

4 Types of Aju Mbaise

Aju Mbaise for flat tummy and weight loss (omugwo boost)

Aju Mbaise for fertility boost ( mixed with nettle leaves, red clover, fertility roots and spices)

Aju Mbaise for infections, menstrual irregularities.

Aju mbaise for fibroid treatment infused with soursop, fibroid roots, infection roots, maca roots and burdock roots.

Who Can Use the Herbs?

Anybody can use the herb depending on what you need it!

Nursing mothers: These herbs are usually taken by women especially those who just put to bed. It helps to detoxify, cleanse and sanitise the stomach after delivery.

Women with big tummy who have given birth before.

Single ladies who wants to slim down.

Importance of Aju Mbaise tea

This includes the extra health benefits of this wonder herbal tea

Flat tummy and weight loss(flat tummy tea): It’s used for overall weight loss and flattening the stomach especially after childbirth most achievable within 3- 4 weeks intensive planning.

Bad blood removal(infection flush): It gets rid of the stale and bad blood in the womb, the excess water and every post natal substances that may be left hence allowing the stomach to return to its normal size.

Irregularity in menstruation(menstrual disorder control tea): It also helps the woman’s cycle to normalize and ready for conception. Stops painful and scanty menstruation.

For detoxification(Ajumbaise flat tummy tea): A  woman who just miscarried or had an abortion can take it too to clear off dead particles.

Enhances fertility( Aju mbaise fertility tea) in women by cleansing unwanted dead cells. The fertility herb helps them to be vulnerable for pregnancy.

Ovulation correction (,infection cleanse 1 pack ): It’s also used by those undergoing ovulation inconsistency and dilution of  painful ovulation.

 Aju Mbaise for Fibroid (Ajumbaise fibroid tea) shrinks Fibroid and tumors at early stage.

It prevents mouth odour that comes out from inside the stomach.

Prevents Fallopian tubal blockage.

It nourishes the skin.

It’s an anti diabetic, cancer, tumors, ovary cysts and malaria.

Preparation and cooking:

For the tea, put a teabag in a cup, add hot water, stir for 15 minutes, your tea is ready.

For the raw, wash the wrap with water, don’t loosen it up.

Put in a bigger pot

Pour about 4 litres of water enough to cover the Aju mbaise.

Add the cooking spices , don’t wash because they are in their edible form.

Aju mbaise
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