Mints Green Tea(UDA& UZIZA)

UDA and UZIZA tea is a fine combination of ancient spices with numerous health benefits.

Some of the  these proven benefits are:

  • Relieve of stomach pain, flatulence and control of diarrhoea.
  • Enhancement of fertility in women and improvements of menstrual disorders.
  • Boosting of sperm count in men.
  • Help in the treatment of common cold and cough.
  • Boosting of Appetite.
  •  A Good antiinflammatory Agent.
  • Help in the control of pain and arthritis.
  • An antioxidant.
  • A good drink for women after delivery ( Omugwo Boost). Helps in the burning of abdominal fat

Drink regularly and enjoy good health.

Mints Green Tea(UDA& UZIZA)

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